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Why You Need Rain Gutters During Monsoon Season

The rain gutters play a crucial role when it comes to roof maintenance and the home’s exterior. Without them, monsoon rains can run off your roof and damage the property below. To control the flow of this rainwater, you should consider rain gutters as an option for your Arizona home. Arizona monsoon season starts around June 15th and ends around September 30th.

rain gutters

Gutters are a great way to channel heavy rains out to the street. Properly re-routing this water will help prevent soil erosion. In addition to that, they also help to prevent cracks from opening on the paved surfaces below. Heavy rains flowing off of the edge of your roof aren’t good for anything below, so re-routing the flow of this water to ground level and out into the street where the sewer systems can fummel rains into parks is ideal.

Rain gutter installation in Phoenix is straightforward and doesn’t require much time, that is if you are a professional. If you are still on the fence about rain gutters, consider the following points.

Five reasons you need rain gutters during Monsoon season

With the monsoon season fast approaching, it’s time to invest in rain gutters for your home. Investing in rain gutters in Arizona may seem strange considering the amount of rain that accumulates here. However, during this season, homes and properties can get hit hard. So check the points below before you decide not to invest in rain gutters.

Below are five primary reasons why you should use them during the monsoon season.

  • Rain gutters help keep your property free of puddles 

The primary purpose of these gutters is that they help to prevent rainwater from building up around your property. Having them installed by a professional will assure the safety of the roof and will reduce the amount of water that accumulates around your property. 

  • They Work as a house cleaner 

Water falling from the roof can be messy and can damage the exterior walls and landscape. Water falling from the roof can result in dirty walls, can damage your flowers, and can change the look of the landscape.

Having gutters is the best choice because they work as an exterior house cleaner and keep your siding looking clean for a more extended period. Other items kept outdoors that a rain gutter installation could protect include grills, lighting, yard tools, tables, chairs, and other similar items.

  • They Avoid Rotting 

Homes without rain gutter can experience wood rot, which can damage the look of the roofing, decking, and other wood structures close to the house. Rotting wood is terrible for your home’s interior and exterior. Fixing these issues before they escalate will save you money in the long run.

  • They help to stop Erosion

Many people have to face erosion issues due to continuous leakage of rainwater from the rooftop. To stop that rain, gutters play an imperative role. Not just to prevent erosion, but they also stop ponding in the yard. This will help avoid damage to the grass as well.

  • Rain Gutters keep basement and foundation stable 

People living in Arizona don’t have many basements. But when the monsoon season starts, it’s hard to keep the basement dry. That is why rain gutters are best because they help to stop cracking in the basement walls, prevent patio flooding, and keep it dry.

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